Mirah Alfassa, a French lady visited Pondicherry in 1914 to meet the greatest seer born on Indian soil "Sri Aurobindo". She identified him as her spiritual guru and became his spiritual collaborator. She is fondly known as The Mother and was the found of Shri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. Her doctrines, beliefs, values and maxims are the source of our inspiration that guides us to serve our customers with dedication, sincerity and focus. Hence the name "Mirah".

Our brands have the freedom to innovate in an environment that promotes the spirit of excellence. Over the years we have adapted multiple ideologies and are ever-evolving with the changes in market trends and customers aspirations.

We realize the importance of adapting global strategic business initiatives in the context of prevalent local business environment. This has resulted in our success in establishing diversified business interest in various sectors and industries under "The Mirah" umbrella. With this vision and focus Shri Om Goenka, a successful entrepreneur had sowed the seeds of this business venture in 1986.

Mission & Vision

We aim to have a complete customer centric approach in all our endeavours. We continuously aim to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. We strive to align our goals and values with those of our customers and we establish an endurig relationship by exceeding their expectations.

We aim to become the leading player in the global market, to achieve world recognition, and to impart a 'never before experienced' feeling to our clients at all times.

Replace the ambition to be first
by the will to do the best possible.

Replace the desire for success by
the yearning for progress.

Replace the eagerness for fame by
the aspiration for perfection.

- The Mother

Meet The Team

Mr. Om Prakash Goenka

Mr. Gaurav Goenka,
Managing Director

Mr. Anand Shetty
Director – Marketing

Mr. Umesh Vartak
Vice President – Finance