Citrus Check Inns

Stress. Tension. Impatience. Agitation. Fatigue. Burn out. These words usually crop up during a busy week, only to be replaced with temporary solutions to de-stress like funny video clips, herbal tea, meditation, quick nap/ walk or let out some steam!

Yoga gurus, management therapists, psychologists may recommend quick fixes to a bad mood, awful day or a terrible week; but we have one solution that will never let anyone down. TRAVEL ~ the perfect way to de-stress! Getaway with your loved ones to a destination you love, whenever YOU wish to. No restrictions, no terms and conditions to cast a gloom on your mood!

Presenting, a comprehensive package of Flexi-Stay options with Citrus Check Inns ~ allowing customers to holiday - any season, any reason.

Here are some reasons that will make you fall in love with Citrus Check Inns Flexi-Stay:

  • Point-based offerings with various redemption options
  • Travel for leisure, business, pilgrimage, social obligations or for any reason
  • In-house total travel solutions: air / rail bookings, car rental, hotel bookings, sight-seeing, planning your itinerary ~ all under one umbrella
  • Long, medium, short term options for members to enrol and experience the offerings
  • Inflation-proof plans to satisfy your wanderlust year after year
  • A chance to Holiday – Any Season. Any Reason.
  • Stay at premium properties located in all important destinations, in company-owned or tie-up hotels, resorts, palaces within India or overseas
  • Earn & burn your points loaded on a co-branded Debit Card in association with HDFC bank and Visa at various outlets
  • Dining options at various group-owned food outlets across the country
  • Supported by high–tech back end system with round-the-clock customer relation desk to impart hassle free service to the customer

Creating history in the world of travel, we have introduced a multi-usage travel concept where you can holiday in any destination, in any season, and for any reason. There are multi-options for the redemption of your points in the Mirah Network, designed in a manner where your points are never wasted or elapsed.

A new concept, new company, new horizons, new structure and a new presentation. The most user friendly Flexi-Stay point based system. No hiccups, no hidden costs, no niggling terms, no invisible conditions.

'Citrus Check Inns Flexi-Stay' is backed by the Group-owned chain of hotels - 'Citrus Hotels'. Young, vibrant, modern & stylish - Citrus is presently located in 7 locations and plans to open 3 more hotels in the current year; followed by 3 new properties every year.

Citrus Hotels & Citrus Check Inns both are a part of the Mirah Group, which is diversified in various business verticals such as Real Estate Development, Information Technology ,Paper, Textiles, Insurance, Tour & Travel Agency, Hotels, Restaurants, Sports Bars, Sourcing, General Trading etc.

Mirah Group was established in the year 1976 with a single company. However, post 1986 it started taking shape and blossomed in various verticals most of which are operative even today. Having carefully nurtured a track record of endurance, sustainability and satisfactory consumer service; today Mirah stands for quality, service, hospitality, consumer care, & employee-friendly environment.